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HARIA - Experimental Saxophone.



Lamento - Jesús Villa-Rojo. Tenor saxophone and electronics.

Night Bird - Karen Tanaka. Alto saxophone and electronics.

Mantra - Eneko Vadillo. Tenor saxophone and electronics.

Balafon - Christian Lauba. Alto saxophone.

Pasaje** - Sergio Blardony. On a poem by Pilar Martín Gila. tenor saxophone and electronics.

¿No has tenido Bastante?** - Antonio Luís Guillén. Soprano saxophone and electronics.

Clouds - Christian Lauba. Alto saxophone and electonics.

On Western Terror 4** - Luigi Morleo. Alto saxophone.

Evocación** - Mario Carro. Alto saxophone.

H2O** - Mario Gosálvez. Alto saxophone.

Sephardic Prayer** - Serban Nichifor. Simultaneous saxophones. Soprano + Alto (prepared).



Three international composers:

  • Italian composer Luigi MORLEO: composer, percussionist and teacher in Bari at the Niccolò Piccinni Conservatory.

  • Romanian composer Serban NICHIFOR: composer and professor in the National University of Music Bucharest, with prizes and honors as the 1977 Gaudeamus International Composers Award and the Belgian Order of the Crown.

  • Polish composer Bartosz SMORAGIEWCZ: composer and saxophonist Hochschule fuer Musik graduated from in Wuerzburg with prizes as the IV International Composition Competition Krzysztof Komeda in Slupsk, Poland.

Four Spanish composers:

  • Mario CARRO: winner of important competitions as the Boston-Alea III International Composition Competition 2005, Vienna-Labyrinth Maker Platform 2006, the International Competition for Musical Composition University of Zaragoza 2008 or the Award of the College of Spain in Paris / INAEM, 2009.

  • Sergio BLARDONY: composer that has received prestigious awards in composition as the First Prize SGAE, the First Prize Ciutat de Tarragona, the Vienna-Shut Up And Listen! Award, the Joaquín Turina Prize or the Space Lab contest 2016.

  • A.L. GUILLÉN: composer, producer, improviser & multi-instrumentalist born in Granada (Spain), founder of the experimental pop duo Sefronia, the experimental rock and free jazz trio Les Rauchen Verboten, and improvisation projects as Alondra Satori and Almayate, releasing an astonishing number of albums every year produced in his own studio La Antena Noética.

  • Mario GOSÁLVEZ: He was awarded the XX Queen Sofia Prize for Music Composition. His works have been performed by the Spanish Radio Television Orchestra, Madrid Symphony Orchestra, American Wind Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra of Spain, Orquesta Ciudad de Alcalá, etc; and chamber ensembles such as Camerata de Madrid or Iberian Chamber Orchestra.

David Hernando Vitores
David Hernando Vitores y Mario Carro
David Hernando Vitores
David Hernando- Sandro Bakhuashvili-6301
NAKdav alt-0182
NAKdav alt-0059
NAKdav alt-0133
NAKdav alt-0019
NAKdav alt-0025
NAKdav alt-0090
NAKdav alt-0030
David Hernando- Sandro Bakhuashvili-6300
David Hernando 2016
Clasijjaz 1

HARIA ("Freedom" in Arab language) is a Spanish contemporary avant-gardé music project that is looking for new international composers in order to write some new pieces for solo saxophone for saxophonist David Hernando Vítores.

We are looking for some new pieces for this project. This pieces must be:

- Unreleased.

- 4-7 minuts total length.

- Closely related to the Spanish music tradition in the fields of the flamenco, the twinning between the Arab-Spanish-Jewish-Sephardi music, authors like Albéniz, Falla, Granados but with the avant-gardé music also. Pieces must use all extended techniques possible that fit with these genres of popular-contemporary music: quarter-notes, overtones & harmonics, body or instrument percussion, subtone, multiphonics, etc.  

- HARIA is a project for revisiting & reinterpreting the Spanish tradition from a contemporary perspective: only this kind of works will be considered.

1. All composers that need some help for the writing of the score could be in touch with player Hernando Vítores by This help could be small recordings for reference to composers, some technical help, etc.

2. Composers could write for Soprano, Alto or Tenor - SOLO sax. 

3. The selected pieces (eight or nine different works by different composers) will be recorded and published in a CD. The score will be also published in some internet magazines if the composer wants to. 

4. The pieces will be played in a tour as a part of the concert program: all selected pieces will be played in each HARIA concert during the 2017-2018 season.

5. The pieces must be send to by 1st August 2016. These pieces could be unfinished but in their final-step-development. The scores that have been sent unfinished by 1st August will be valued anyway and composers will be invited to finished them by 1st September 2016 if they are selected. 

6. It is highly recommend to be in touch with HARIA Project while the composer is working on the piece: for helping but also for getting a real creative-touch between player-composers.

7. Refference works: "The Techniques of Saxophone Playing" by Weiss & Netti. Pieces by C. Lauba, F. Tanada, etc. 


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