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Art Of Life. Etudes For Saxophone.

I have decided to record this wonderful book by composer Denis DiBlasio in collaboration with Kendor Music Publishing because these studies are a challenge for any saxophonist. It is very important that new saxophone works are studied and programmed in conservatories and universities. The saxophonist, with these studies, will be able to achieve an excellent technique and musicality through the knowledge of different scales. It is interesting that students and teachers also know this new musical literature and introduce it in the programming together with the more traditional studies".


"In these recordings I have used soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. I have recorded each study with the instrument that best suits that study due to its timbre and characteristics”.


« Art Of Life Etudes For Saxophone are derived from a single compositional device or scale source, much in the mold of the great saxophone studies by Guy lacour, 28 Studies On The Modes With Limited Transpositions By Olivier Messiaen. However, unlike the Lacour studies, the Art Of Live Etudes For Saxophone scale source may transpose through as many 12 keys within an etude, or, just remain entirely in a single scale.

Due to the nature of the etudes, key signatures are not used. Instead, accedentals are assigned for ease of reading and performance.

Interpret these etudes somewhat broadly. Take liberties with interpretations using the given information as a guideline. Art isn´t so much what you do as how deeply you do it. Each etude has its own sound, mood and energy, therefore the player may wish to construct a complete performance program from the many available choices in this book. The etudes can be performed in any order. The grounded tonality of some of the unique scales result in some interesting and ear bending and ear bending tonalities and resolutions ».


1. Honesty - Note Cell.

2. Integrity - Pentatonic. 

3. Loyalty - Consecutive 4ths.

4. Gratitude - Pentatonic b6.

5. Trust - Double Harmonic Major Scale.

6. Humility - Algerian Expanded Scale.

7. Kindness - Pentatonic b2, b5, b6.

8. Courage - Harmonic Major Scale.

9. Optimism - Balinese Pelog Scale.

10. Patience - Jazz Melodic Minor +5 Scale.

11. Perseverance - Linking Triads.

12. Reliability - Augmented Scale.

13. Empathy - Romanian Scale.

14. Intuition - Hungarian Major Scale.

15. Creativity - Persian Scale.

16. Passion - Enigmatic Scale.

17. Learning - Balinese Slendro Scale.

18. Listening - Chinese Scale.

19. Enable - Pentatonic b2 b6 Scale.

20. Responsible - Egyptian Scale.

21. Leading - Spanish Gypsy Scale.

22. Self Aware - Hirajoshi Scale.

23. Whole Hearted - Neopolitan Minor Scale.

24. Forgiveness - Oriental Scale.

25. Letting Go - Major Locrian Scale.

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