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David HERNANDO VÍTORES (1988) is a musician specialized in the contemporary and classical repertoire of the saxophone. He has performed concerts nationally - already as a soloist, as a component of different groups -, highlighting his performance in national theaters such as the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid, Symphonic  and Chamber Halls of the National Auditorium, Madrid Architects Association "COAM", Monumental Theater in Madrid, Longoria Palace (SGAE), Royal Theater of Madrid, Music Hall of the University of Alcalá de Henares, Auditorium of the Carlos III University, Mira Theater, Cicus Auditorium in Seville, Casa Granada Auditorium in Madrid, Cathedrals of Jaén and Burgos, Cathedral of Santa María in Castelló d’ Empúries, Príncipe Felipe Congress Center "Hotel Auditorium in Madrid", Auditorium 400 of the Reina Sofía Museum, Museum of Romanticism in Madrid, Auditorium of the Casa de la Moneda in Madrid, José María Rodero Theater, Toccata en A in Madrid, Argeus Clasica, Eutherpe Foundation in León, Civivox Condestable in Pamplona, ​​Ateneo Theather in Madrid, Cloisters of the University of Alcalá de Henares, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid, Música en Vena Association, Conservatory "Jesús Guridi" of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Mendizorroza in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Sephardic Museum of Toledo, Manuel de Falla Concert Cycle in Madrid, Palau de la Música of Valencia, Miguel Delibes Auditorium in Valladolid, Torrelodones Bulevar Theater, Caja de Burgos Foundation Auditorium in Aranda de Duero, Parish Church of Sant Romà in Lloret de Mar, Language Function in Madrid, Getafe Auditorium, European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, ​​Ronda Space in Madrid, MIMMA Museum in Malaga, CentroCentro Cibeles in Madrid, Olivar de Castillejo Foundation in Madrid, Cervantes Theater in Alcalá de Henares, Cultural Center Casa Usua in Arbeiza, Clasijazz Cycle of Almería, Sant Vicenç Church in Llançà, Conservatory of Alcalá de Henares, Isabel de Farnesio Auditorium in Aranjuez, Manuel de Falla Auditorium; Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid, La Torre Auditorium in Guadarrama, Conde Duque Musical Library in Madrid, Prince of Asturias Auditorium in Quintanar de la Orden, Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción in Labastida, Augustin-Zulueta Palace, San Sebastian Church in Toledo, Claustro Santo Tomás de Villanueva of the University of Alcalá, Patio de Santo Tomás de Villanueva (Univesidad Cisneriana), Monestir Romànic de Sant Llorenç del Munt, Casa Cantabria in Madrid, Ermita de Sant Sebastiá in Sitges, Felix Petite Theater of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Mariana Pineda Auditorium, San Pedro Roda Church in El Port de la Selva, Círculo de la Unión in Burgos, Círculo de la Amistad in Soria, Galileo Theater in Madrid, Castle of San Vicente de Argueso in cantabria, Toledo, Ibercaja Auditorium in Guadalajara, Asturian Center in Madrid, San Martín Church "Taramundi" in Asturias, Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Church in Castilforte, Europa Congress Palace in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Kursaal Auditorium in Donostia / San Sebastián, Principal Theater of Vitoria-Gasteiz, House Russia Foundation in Barcelona, Casal De Barri Can Travi in Barcelona, Mendizorrotza in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Gonzalo de Berceo Hall in Logroño, Ateneo Mercantil in Valencia, Mozart Hall of the Auditorium of Zaragoza, Paraninfo (University of Alcalá de Henares), Monastery of Santa María La Real in Nájera, Carlos III Coliseum Theater (San Lorenzo de El Escorial), Tower of the Counts of Orgaz / Fontecha Castle, Castle of Calatrava in Ciudad Real, Maestranza Theater in Sevilla.. Also, 

He has participated in specialized festivals such as the International Music Festival of La Mancha (as part of the tribute to the composer Claudio PRIETO), Festival of Contemporary Music of Tres Cantos, International Music Festival of Vitoria - Gasteiz, Festival COMA, Festival of Contemporary Music of Navarre NAK, Les Garrigues Guitar Festival, XII Concert Series “Music and Heritage” in Huete, Guitar Festival Girona-Costa Brava, Otoño Polifónico Arandino, Momentum Toledo, International Guitar Festival Llobet, XVIII Classics Edition in Alcalá, Jazz Festival in Vitoria-Gasteiz, International Music Festival of Plantón in Asturias, Veranos de la Villa Music Festival in Madrid or Mediterranean Guitar Festival and having also worked internationally in cities such as Bologna, Milan, Cosenza, Zagreb, Paris etc. either through concerts or other activities such as his participation in the 17th World Saxophone Congress in Strasbourg (France), where he has played a world premiere of the composer Mario CARRO and a premiere in France by José María SÁNCHEZ-VERDÚ. David Hernando has won several prizes: First Prize "Classical Music Competition in the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid.". Second Prize "Ciudad de Ávila International Competition". First Prizes (HAZEN) "soloists and chamber music Competition at the Conservatory of Alcalá de Henares. Her recording "Madre Parada" from the second album of the HARIA Project, has been selected in Österreichische Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Musik 2019 (Austrian Society of Contemporary Music).

He has collaborated with the Orquesta Metropolitana de Madrid, Santa Cecilia Classical Orchestra, Orfeón Donostiarra, Alcalá de Henares Symphony Orchestra, Sundara Ensemble, Cosmos 21 Group, Cors Universitat Politècnica de València, Duo Sonia de Munck (soprano) and Aurelio Viribay (piano), Kayoko Morimoto (piano), Rafael Salas (piano), Sandro 'Bakhuashvili (piano), Contemporary Music Group of the RCSMM, Symphonic Band of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Symphony Orchestra of Spain, Silvia Nogales Barrios (Classic Guitar), Piú Mosso Chamber Orchestra, Royal Film Concert Orchestra, Barbieri Symphony Orchestra, MAP Trio (Marco Mezquida, Ernesto Aurignac and Ramón Prats), Excelentia Foundation, Symphony Orchestra of the Community of Madrid or with the group Sax-Ensemble (National Music Prize in 1997), having completed many of these activities with the phonographic record of the works performed or with different broadcasts through RNE's prestige radios. Stably, he has been part of the Wasei Dúo chamber group, Hernando recorded an album entitled "Horizontes". In it you can listen to previously unreleased music by Mario CARRO, Claudio PRIETO, Barry CROCKCOFT or Sergei RACHMANINOFF among others, and whose national and international tour was held last 2016. Also with Wasei Duo has recorded and edited the album Romantic Pieces for saxophone and piano with live records from the Museum of Romanticism in Madrid and with works by authors such as C. Debussy, J. Massenet, R. Koroku and M.Ravel. In addition, he has an album recorded in 2014 "Sixth Sense", with revealing works in the classical repertoire of the saxophone: J. Ibert, B. Singeleé, N. Paganini, Rode, Dont, E. Bozza and R. Muzynski. With the Pianist Sandro 'Bakhuashvili, he has recorded in 2019 a new music album for saxophone and piano "But Sometimes I Get So Sensitive". Unpublished recordings of composers such as: Ryota Ishikawa, Barry Cockcroft and S. Bakhuashvili.

At the same time, he has worked with directors such as Donato Renzetti (Director at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan), Alain Crepin (Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles), José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana (Principal Conductor of the Bilbao and Barcelona Symphonic Band), Miguel Ángel Serrano (Symphonic Band of the RCSMM), José Luis Temes (National Music Award in 2008), Oliver Díaz (Musical Director of the Teatro de la Zarzuela) Carlos Galán (Grupo Cosmos 21), Paolo Bortolameolli (Philharmonic Orchestra of the Angels), Santiago Serrate (Sax-Ensemble, RTVE), Silvia Sanz (Principal Conductor of the Metropolitan Orchestra of Madrid), Gabriel Delgado (Royal Conservatory of Music "Victoria Eugenia" of Granada), Fuad Ibrahimov (Conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra of Azerbaijan, Principal Conductor of the New Philharmonic Orchestra of Munich and the Baku Chamber Orchestra), Hilario Extremiana (Principal Conductor of the Symphonic Band of Vitoria-Gasteiz), Andrés Valero-castells (Principal Conductor of A Coruña Symphonic Band), José Luís López Antón, Fernando Furones, Fedor Vrtacnik, Sebastián Mariné (Contemporary Music Group of the RCSMM), Domenico Longo (Orchestra Sinfonica Metropolitana di Bari), Kike Guzmán (jazz saxophonist), Luis Orduña (Conductor of the Symphonic Band of Vitoria-Gasteiz), Iván Palomares (Harold Arlen Film and TV Award), José Antonio Sainz Alfaro (Director of the Orfeón Donostiarra), Carlos Garcés (Chief Conductor of the “Santa Cecilia” Symphony Orchestra of Cullera), Kynan Johns (Resident Conductor to Lorin Maazel and Zubin Mehta at the new Palau de les Arts “Reina Sofia”, Valencia) and José Nieto (Composer and Winner of 6 Goya Awards) among others. With the SaxEnsemble Foundation, he has worked with interesting composers such as Cruz López de Rego, Tomás Marco, Jesús Villa-Rojo, Héctor Parra, Paolo Longo, Luis de Pablo, Juan Gómez Galiano, Jonás Moreno Santos, David Hernández Espada Marta Lozano, Jesús Rueda, Sandro Fazzolari, César Camarero, Gabriel Erkoreka and José Manuel López López.


He is the founder of the novel HARIA Project where he proposes a revision of the Andalusian music and assimilated genres through an optics inherent to the most current creation. There is an idea of ​​origin at the root of this innovative purpose: union between the interpreter and creator in order to house some knowledge about experimentation, research and the study of new techniques in the use of the saxophone for the extension of interesting repertoires in the classic-contemporary terrain of this 21st century, and the authors who have joined and composed music belong to the first international and national line in the world of contemporary composition: Luigi MORLEO, Serban NICHIFOR, Sergio BLARDONY, Mario CARRO, AL GUILLÉN, Bartosz SMORAGIEWICZ and Mario GOSÁLVEZ. The two discographic works published in February 2017 and September 2018 under the title (HARIA PROJECT), include important composers who have been and are referents in the Spanish repertoire and influential in the concert programs of many national and international saxophonists: Jesus VILLA-ROJO, Karen TANAKA, François ROSSÉ, Jacob TER VELDHUIS, Eneko VADILLO, Fuminori TANADA, Jean-Claude RISSET, and Christian LAUBA.

As a soloist, his phonographic records cover the most important works of contemporary music for his instrument, such as Sequenza IXb for Alto saxophone by BERIO, Rhapsody on japanese Folk Songs by ISHIKAWA, Clouds for alto saxophone and electronics by LAUBA, Blue Balafon by LAUBA, Any Blackbird by Manuel COMESAÑA or the historical Mysterious Morning III by TANADA, apart from the record of the EP Asahi, with its own works dedicated to the victims of the Hiroshima nuclear catastrophe in 1945. On the other hand, as a result of its humanistic and personal concerns, it has to its credit more than twenty recordings donated to Wikimedia Commons works in Public Domain of composers such as DEBUSSY, RAVEL, TELEMANN, ALBINNI, ALBÉNIZ, etc. He is currently an Artist of the MUSAE 2017 Project (Ministry of Culture), for which he will interpret HARIA in different State Museums of Spain, beginning in this way, at the Sephardic Museum of Toledo. He has done interviews in specialized media such as Televisión de Castilla y la Mancha, Radio Televisón de Castilla y León, Diario de Burgos, Soria TV,  Docenotas, El Mundo (Valladolid), Nueva Tribuna, Wikimedia Spain, Clásica Fm Radio, Radio Círculo (Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid), Nueva Alcarria, Piantón Festival, Ágora Sol Radio (Músicas Raras), Guadalajara Diario, UNDAE! Radio, Radio Swiss Classic, the Magazine devoted to the saxophone (SaxRules), Noticias de Álava, Empordà Televisió, Radio of Peru, Catalunya Ràdio, rtve (Spanish Radio Television) and Ritmo Magazine.

In parallel to a concert activity that has resulted in the commission, premiere and dedication of numerous works by the new generations of current composers more active in the national arena such as Mario CARRO, Doménec GONZÁLEZ DE LA RUBIA, A.L. GUILLÉN, Sandro' BAKHUASHVILI, Sergio BLARDONY, José SUSI, Giampaolo TESTONI, Luigi MORLEO, Serban NICHIFOR, Ryota ISHIKAWA, Mario GOSÁLVEZ, Jacob TV, Alan HOVHANESS, Bartosz SMORAGIEWICZ, Barry COCKCROFT or Laura VEGA. His teaching activity is nourished in a special way of his activity in different masterclasses as a visiting professor in different conservatories, highlighting those made recently in Cosenza (Italy) with Paolo TRAMPETTI and Giovanni DELUCA and the V Festival - Music Week of "Castilla y León" in Valladolid


He is currently on a national tour with the chamber music groups: Hernando / Bakhuashvili, Silvia Nogales / Hernando and with the HARIA Project. Likewise, he is an artist of prestigious brands: Légerè Reeds (Canada), Páez Music (Spain) and Egr (Spain). He is a collaborator saxophonist in the Municipal Band of Vitoria-Gasteiz and in the Cosmos 21 Group.


ALBUM 2020 - Tango para un Loco. David Hernando Vitores (saxophones).

ALBUM 2019 - But Sometimes I Get So Sensitive - David Hernando Vitores (saxophones) and Sandro' Bakhuashvili (piano).

ALBUM 2018 - HARIA Project: New Music For Saxophone - David Hernando Vitores (saxophones).

ALBUM 2018 - Nuit D' Été - David Hernando Vitores (saxophones) and Silvia Nogales Barrios (Guitar).

ALBUM 2017 - HARIA (New Music For Saxophone) - David Hernando Vitores (saxophones).

ALBUM 2016 - Romantic Pieces For Saxophone and Piano - David Hernando Vitores (saxophone) and Kayoko Morimoto (piano).

ALBUM 2015 - Horizontes (Music For Saxophone and Piano) - David Hernando Vitores (saxophones) and Kayoko Morimoto (piano).

ALBUM 2014 - Sixth Sense (Music For Saxophone and Piano) - David Hernando Vitores (saxophones) and Various Artists (pianos).

EP 2018 - Comesaña & Donjon: Any Blackbird & Elégie - David Hernando Vitores (saxophones).

SINGLE 2018 - Clouds: For Alto Saxophone and Electronics - David Hernando Vitores (saxophone).

SINGLE 2016 - Niccolò Paganini: Caprice No. 5 for Alto Saxophone - David Hernando Vitores (saxophone).

SINGLE 2016 - Isaac Albéniz: Asturias (Leyenda) For Alto Saxophone - David Hernando Vitores (saxophone).

SINGLE 2016 - Blue Balafon: For Soprano Saxophone and Electronic - David Hernando Vitores (saxophone).

EP 2016 - Telemann & Bach: Fantasias For Saxophone - David Hernando Vitores (saxophones).

EP 2015 - Asahi (To The Victims Of Hiroshima) - David Hernando Vitores (saxophones).

SINGLE 2016 - Rhapsody On Japanese Folk Songs - David Hernando Vitores (saxophone) and Kayoko Morimoto (piano).

SINGLE 2016 - Tanada: Mysterious Morning III (For Soprano Saxophone) - David Hernando Vitores (saxophone).

SINGLE 2014 - Berio: Sequenza IXb For Alto Saxophone - David Hernando Vitores (saxophone).

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