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"I'm interested in the C Melody saxophone. I'm discovering a range of wonderful and special sounds that I have never experienced with today's saxophones. Currently, I'm experienced in playing this vintage saxophone. I am researching and recording new repertoire for this magnificent instrument. It is important that the composers and the public know its peculiar sound, it is wonderful!".



The C-Melody saxophone is a C pitched saxophone that was popular in the 1910s - 1920s. For the most part, it was considered a parlor or home instrument.  At the time, many homes already had a piano and lots of piano music.  A saxophone pitched in C allowed the player to read melody lines from piano and voice sheet music. While popular throughout much of the 1920s, their popularity waned in the late 1920s and by the early 1930s, most manufacturers had ceased production of them. Many of the 1920s C-Melody saxophones are still in remarkable condition since most were only played for a few years and many were played at home. The craftsmanship on many of them is just as good as the manufacturers’ professional alto and tenor models.

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